At Avid Miner, we uphold an irrevocable conviction in the infinite potential of the human mind. We are in constant pursuit to enable people identify and unleash this potential.

Nurturing People, our human-centric initiative, ensures our tailor-made interventions enable human beings to recognise every day as an opportunity to enhance their excellence. Working across levels, we help create incredible stimulated teams to produce favourable business outcomes.

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Human Excellence
is striving without stress, intent without tension, purpose without pretension, the passion to succeed with humility in success. It is respect for all people and for the environment.

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Avid Miner offers bespoke motivational conversations, leadership workshops, executive coaching, and human centric consulting & advisory services to transform your employees and stakeholders to not just be the change agents in their own lives but also in the lives of others.

Our Work

Ashish Vidyarthi - the Avid Miner, helps to bring out the champion that lies within each one of us. Through Curated Workshops and Conversations which are led personally by him.

Being an actor, a thought leader, motivational speaker, and an Ignite Conversationalist, he creates learning programmes keeping in mind how conversations flow with people within their organisation... so even though it may be a workshop on storytelling, communication, negotiation, executive presence, or others, he makes it topical by adding references of what they are dealing with in their real life.

Therefore, these programmes are lived in experiences for the participants and they can find ways to apply it on themselves.

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Our Services

Do you wish to inspire your employees and create a Victory Mindset? Here's how AVID MINER can help you achieve this goal.

Our focus is on Human Excellence. Delivered through conversations, workshops, and consulting - across In-Person, Online, & Hybrid delivery models.

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Thematic offerings for organisations

We believe that every individual has a Champion within oneself. And a Champion is someone who effectively balances Result Achievement with People & Relationship Management.

Through specially curated workshops and conversations, Ashish Vidyarthi helps bring out the Potential Champion in his participants. All the programs are curated by Ashish and most of them are led by him.

These programs are a must for every individuals who seeks extraordinary performance as an employee, team member, or a leader.

These programs are available in various formats catering to the nature and depth of interventions required.

living forward

The Living Forward Fireside Chat sessions are intimate in nature and focus mostly on building a trust-based exchange of information where the audience get a detailed understanding of someone's character and being.

These are moderated by Ashish Vidyarthi and has at least one Leader. The objective of these Fireside Chats is to bring out the Persona behind the Person amidst a relaxed atmosphere that enables a more insightful sharing of the ethos, values, and culture of the organisation as embodied by the Leaders.

Ashish's uncanny ability of creating amazing conversations by asking insightful questions makes each fireside chat a highly engaging and immersive session. These chats are especially popular because of the amicable vibe they convey and do actually generate the feeling of sitting by a fire and speaking to a good friend.


To Invite Ashish Vidyarthi for conducting a Fireside Chat with your Leadership Team Member(s)
you can connect with Manju Bajaj at +91 98712 52277 via a call or WhatsApp.


Clients we have worked for

  • Ashish's ability to kindle passion in the hearts of so many and light the fire in their bellies, thus helping them to discover their inner power is to be seen to be believed. Debu Bandhopadhyay - Founder & CEO - Touchstone Consulting.

  • The sessions were really different from other motivational speakers of current. Never before has a program of this nature has had such a profound and immediate impact on the participants at Vicat India. Anil Kumar Reddy. T - Sr. Vice President & Head (Human Resources) - Vicat India.

  • We particularly appreciate your ability to involve the audience, use humor to make your point & draw from your life stories. Your comments and observations were exactly what we needed to hear that day to get off to a flying start. Deepa - CISCO.

  • The articulation, delivery and the whole presentation was a delight to experience. You had put so much passion and energy into it, I got goose bumps myself many a times. It was Bang On. Right from start to finish there was not a single moment where thoughts were missing or inappropriate. Andleeb Jain - Chief People Officer - JK Cements.

  • Getting us "out of comfort zone" clearly sent the message to us "to prepare ourselves for taking challenges". He brought genuine foresight to the members and made them to realise their potential and capabilities. I liked the way he helped us to introspect and self-reflection that was holding us back. Giriraj Mall - Mallcom.

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